Mentally Healthy

Our generation often refers to the word “Mental Health” when it comes to their work-life balance. It surely is relevant to every aspect and situation in life but mostly occurs when there’s a scope of competition around you, which eventually affects your overall life cycle. The human body doesn't turn off, give warnings or receive a notification that says “No space” for the content that we try to consume or give away. We belong to a century that has evolved or rather say evolving each day. As you read this blog, there are 3 or more inventions happening somewhere around the world. But are you noticing any changes within yourself? Like reading this blog and remembering every word in just one go? Sounds weird right?. We don't function like machines and we should definitely not hope for it to happen.

We exist so that we take control over things that don't have a heart, not the other way round. We are evolving according to our individual timelines and experiences. So the best that we can do for ourselves and others is “ASK” before we “COMMAND”. Our founder has been prioritizing mental health for the entire BFM family with respective measures that includes taking quick breaks when you can't be creative enough. She sets boundaries for clients' expectations that do not exploit any employee's efforts. Work-life balance matters to her as much as the results of any ad on social media do. Her definition of work culture represents compassion and empathy towards individuals and their choices. She believes we know our responsibilities and moreover, we know when we need to turn off the screen. We at BFM are proud to be maintaining a healthy work atmosphere for every representative.
There is no end to this discussion or listed ways to follow steps that can create a better environment for humans unless you are kind. In conclusion, every person would certainly have a different opinion about this subject but a major question is “Do words like development, technology, upgrading, inventions keep up with human values and emotions?”