2.5 million people organically

As we say “Reels” we understand how the audios start playing in your head on their own. That has been the impact since they were introduced. Every brand, creator & individual today would not want to skip on this feature that gives you organic engagement.

This particular client that we have, Raghu Pratap Singh who’s an architect by profession always works with a plan and makes sure that every bit of the story is briefed to us. The client demanded just one thing constantly which was “Exclusivity” and we got our direction. We stopped looking at the trends and competitors for a while and started brainstorming for our next plan keeping only the brand's content in front of us. Our ideas started to sync with his content bank, which made us realize how important it is for our clients to also have a basic plan for their brand to stand out. It helps us to build a strategy that is different from others. Even a little piece of advice or their vision is our biggest asset.

The reel was an outcome of the storyline of our client building his dream space (office) which then matched trending audio we chose to only increase the value of the video. “Bawra Man dekhne chala ek sapna”…. We wanted people to see and understand how old spaces can be turned into something contemporary without damaging the historical elements of it. The video went viral because we were able to potentially portray the story. Views weren’t our first priority, to be honest, we just wanted people to appreciate our client's efforts on his conceptual living and sustainable building. We knew there was a whole community out there who would love to see it but the task was to get people to visit our page which fortunately happened because of the quality content we focused on. We had a PLAN which we executed when the TIME & CONTENT was right.